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Website development is all about creating a unified website with integrated marketing and communication strategy. Building in brand communications and integrating SEO and e-commerce systems that promote maximum online visibility and user-friendliness, respectively.

East Sussex Web Design have the expertise to ensure that customers get the best online experience possible in combining functionality with visual content and design that communicates professionalism and integrity. From experience we know that a high quality, user-friendly website can promote ‘click-throughs’ and in-bound traffic, both increasing the opportunity for sales and encouraging repeat custom.

East Sussex Web Design have the design and development expertise to communicate your company’s unique selling points and combine brand communications with SEO to enable your business to stand out from the online crowd.

Functionality is our watchword and a number one priority for e-commerce; and therefore we design sites that are simple, easy to use and above all, easy for you to maintain. Our Net Products take the complexity out of data management and make it easy for you to analyse and manage things like inquiries, bookings, sales and stock control. We provide content management systems which are simple to use so that you can take control of your website with confidence.

Web Development Expertise

  • Content management systems
  • E-Commerce Sales Systems
  • Online Booking and Reservation systems for hotels, self catering accommodation, museums etc
  • Internal emailing
  • Intranet and Extranet development
  • Monitoring software for health and safety checks
  • Recruitment

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E-Commerce Systems

The World Wide Web and E-commerce have drastically changed the way we do business in our global economy today. In recent years there has been a lot of negative media about the decline of the high street, yet it is apparent that online selling is good for both businesses and customers. For online businesses there are less overheads in the form of business premises and staff leading to higher profit margins; and for customers buying online is convenient in an increasingly pressurised world. Spending less time on the high street means more time for friends and relatives.
Approximately 1 billion people worldwide made a purchase from the web in 2016 and figures are steadily increasing year on year. The UK e-commerce market is the strongest in Europe and the third largest in the world worth an estimated £133 billion in 2016. This still only accounts for 14% of all retail sales, so further growth is expected. The only way to stake your claim in this massive market is through E-commerce; selling your products or services over the web.

E-commerce is at the vanguard of business and encompasses anything that involves an online financial transaction, from hospitality and catering to creative services and retail. Online payment can also take many forms from credit or debit card to PayPal or wire transfer. We ensure that all our e-commerce websites are integrated with a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing strategy to enable potential customers to find you and your unique products and services online. However, we also use our web development skills to make your website as user-friendly and engaging as possible to ensure customers don’t go elsewhere. A good, easy to use and above all secure e-commerce website is the key to encouraging repeat custom.

East Sussex Web Design are experts at creating e-commerce systems that engage and reassure end-users and generate the “click-throughs” necessary to drive potential customers to buy from you.

If you have the right kind of website for your target market then something as simple as eye-catching design or a good, solid domain name can encourage customer loyalty. So if you want to ensure that your customers get the best kind of online experience possible, then get a free e-commerce website quote today.

Our E-commerce systems allow you to update your website easily, but if you don’t have the time or inclination we can also offer a support package to manage any changes you require.

Online Booking Systems

East Sussex Website Design has developed a number of booking systems by working closely with clients from the hospitality industry. Online booking systems allow customers to check for vacancies and make reservations without having to contact the owners directly. We believe that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” booking system and look at the design and development as a collaborative process, which incorporates evolving client needs and changing markets.

Hotel, B&B & Holiday Cottage Reservation System

All accommodation websites now need reliable, easy to use online booking systems. Online booking and reservation systems have been designed with hospitality and catering industries in mind but are extremely adaptable and can be modified to suit clients’ requirements. We produce an online reservation system to check availability and place a booking, which is linked to a complex back-office database that allows for records to be stored and searched for with ease, or sent to fax machines and printers to produce physical records.

Our clients find their booking and back-office systems not only easy to manage but also a great time saver. More importantly, in a fast paced and competitive marketplace it is important to minimise the gap between a customer checking for availability and confirmation of booking. A vacancy inquiry is not sufficient to ensure a customer won’t go elsewhere. From a potential customer’s point of view, the old saying rings true – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! That’s why it is important to use a booking system that checks availability and then immediately follows up results with a reservation page, allowing customers to book and input payment details – to go from inquiry to confirmation in a matter of minutes.

We provide full hosting and maintenance of your online booking system, which is simple to use, manage and embed into your website.

The core online booking system is given a customer interface to suit the application being delivered:

  • Hotel booking
  • Restaurant booking
  • Event booking
  • Seat booking
  • Exhibitor booking
  • Delegate booking

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